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BEST MYSTERY AWARD 2020: The Disappearance of Claire Makova

BEST MYSTERY AWARD 2021: The Sudden Silence of Timothy Lee

PLAYER'S CHOICE SILVER AWARD 2021: The Cursed Exhibition

BEST MYSTERY THEME 2022: The Cursed Exhibition

BEST PRINT-AND-PLAY FINALIST 2021: The Professor's Missing Potion

PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD - UK GAMES EXPO 2022: Trouble in Folklore Falls

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Episode Two in The Disappearance of Claire Makova saga requires you to look for Claire's new location. Can you find her before its too late?

Episode Three sees you get new insight into the reasons for her disappearance. By investigating the nation of Molvaria, can you discover why she went missing?

Episode Four requires you to delve deeper into the conspiracy that lead to Claire vanishing. By working with a new contact, can you uncover the sinister plot at the heart of the case?

Episode Five sees you investigating a shocking murder that's linked to the case.

Episode Six brings about the dramatic conclusion of the case. Can you ensure Claire's survival, and save the lives of thousands of Molvarians along the way? It's a race against time.



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