The Professor's Missing Potion

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Professor Errol's invisibility potion has been stolen and he needs some top detectives to find it! Are you up to the challenge of tracking it down?

A print-at-home family adventure, filled with a fun story and exciting puzzles. Suitable for children with adult supervision.

The adventure lasts approximately 45 minutes.

As a detective solving the case you'll need to visit different websites and message Professor Errol. To make sure you're ready, you will need:

  • A colour printer and paper
  • A pair of scissors
  • An internet enabled device
  • A device that can send or receive either SMS or WhatsApp messages*

Instructions: Once you've purchased the game, your files will be automatically emailed to you. Make sure to print the files single-sided. Once printed, proceed to follow your mission on the first page. No set-up or preparation necessary! 

*If you live outside the UK, you can only send messages via WhatsApp 

Important! Your game experience is tied to the mobile number you enter here. If you change your phone number or want to use a different phone in the future, you will need to contact customer services. After you have solved 'The Professor's Missing Potion', the game is complete and you will not be able to play again, much like a physical escape room experience.


Credits: This game is co-designed with the wonderful Jamie from

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