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BEST MYSTERY AWARD 2020: The Disappearance of Claire Makova

BEST MYSTERY AWARD 2021: The Sudden Silence of Timothy Lee

PLAYER'S CHOICE SILVER AWARD 2021: The Cursed Exhibition

BEST MYSTERY THEME 2022: The Cursed Exhibition

BEST PRINT-AND-PLAY FINALIST 2021: The Professor's Missing Potion

PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD - UK GAMES EXPO 2022: Trouble in Folklore Falls

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Episode Two of The Sudden Silence of Timothy Lee sees your investigation turn global, as you investigate strange incidents in the USA, Japan, Germany and Australia. Can you work out what connects these strange goings on?

Episode Three requires you to turn your attention to the unveiling of a world-changing piece of technology in Germany - could this be the reason why Timothy was targeted?

Episode Four needs you to enlist the help of a group of strangers to uncover who was responsible for what happened to Timothy.

Episode Five requires you need to go back and investigate the origins of this plot to discover the identity of the person behind the whole mystery.

Episode Six sees you attempt to bring down the whole operation in order to save not just Timothy, but the entire world.



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